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All our equipment is produced in our factories by highly qualified professionals.


Our professionals are authorized and highly certified for the installation of pool equipment, foosball, bowling, recreational machines, and all kinds of fun salons.


We ship our equipment to all parts of the world. We work with the best carriers in the world. 

We deliver and assemble with our certified technical teams.


We have a technical team to provide you with all the necessary technical support.

We will be happy to welcome you in one of our factories with sale to the public, where a specialized technician will accompany you throughout the purchase process, we can also send any equipment to the address you indicate anywhere in the world.

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Billiard Multi Cushion System Kit (Pool Billiard – Carom Billiard)

All our tables are easily convertible Pool Billiards American Billiard Spanish Carambola in just a few minutes, without tools, screws and especially without spoiling hands or enervarse.

You already have a pool table at home, you can also buy this option, more information please contact us.

Watch the video to verify the simplicity of the system.

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