Our Services

Manufacture of Billliard, Foosball and Bowling CUSTOMIZED

All our equipment is produced in our factories by highly qualified professionals for the manufacture and assembly of Billiards, Foosball, and Bowling facilities. We manufacture Billiards to the extent you need, adapting to the last detail to your liking.

INSTALLATION of the Billiard, Foosball and Bowling equipment

Our professionals are authorized and highly certified for the installation of pool equipment, foosball, bowling, recreational machines, and all kinds of fun salons.

DIRECT deliveries of Billiard, Foosball, Bowling and much more

We ship our equipment to all parts of the world. We work with the best carriers in the world. We set up billiard tables in clubs in the Canary Islands, or Gibraltar. Even Billiard or Foosball shipping to Texas, Birmingham. We go where you need us.


We have a technical team to provide you with all the necessary technical support.

We are pleased to welcome you in one of our billiard and foosball stores in SINTRA or MADRID

Billiard Multi Cushion System Kit (Pool Billiard - Carom Billiard)

Our Billiard Tables are easily convertible from American Pool Billiard - Spanish Carom Billiard. We also have systems for English Snooker Billiard, Pyramid Russo Billiard. (Consult with billiard store commercial)

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