Billiard and Foosball Services


We manufacture various entertainment equipment following regulatory standards worldwide using raw materials and selected the best sources.

We like high levels of quality in the final product, which allows us to offer customers a lifetime warranty on all of our articles, without a doubt an asset for those seeking quality equipment at the best price.


We have permanently available a team of specialized and qualified professionals for installation of all equipment sold by us .

Direct delivery

When purchasing our products , customers can count on a special service delivery at the address where the equipment will be installed , made by our staff and with our trucks whenever possible. We take care of transportation as it is the best option for an additional guarantee of quality, ensuring the proper handling and the subsequent installation of such equipment .

Support and Maintenance

Because our goal is not only selling products but also provide technical assistance to the equipment and make repairs when needed, we can say that our business takes in to account our clients, with whom we intend to maintain a solid and permanent relationship with all customers who rely on us .

This service policy is recognized by customers because they know that by purchasing our products , they receive a professional service and quality , while allowing us to be in the market with greater security , with arguably a service targeted to the client for your needs and for your convenience .