Billiard maintenance. How to clean our pool table?

To get our pool table as new it is essential to maintain it well, and part of the maintenance of a pool table is its cleanliness.

The first thing we will need is a suitable brush for pool tables. We will pass the brush to the entire cloth of the play area, “sweeping” the dust and chalky remains towards the embrasures or pockets. We will also pass the brush on the cloth of the bands. We discourage the use of vacuum cleaner, some are too powerful and this will only stretch the cloth and possibly also damage the joint of the slates.

We will pass a slightly damp cloth through the wooden bands, being careful not to touch the cloth of the bands. Then we passed a dry one, eliminating the marks of fingers and chalk remains.

Finally, we will clean pockets, first we will aspire the dust of the interior of the embrasure, and then depending on the material in which they are manufactured, the rest. For example, we will pass a wet cloth if they are rubber or plastic, or we will use a specific product if they are leather.

Practical tips:

Avoid placing drinks around the pool table will keep it free of stains.

Do not eat near the table, remember that the grease of the snacks will end up in the pool cloth.

Put chalk on the cue stick away from the table.

Clean cloth with the special pool brush after each play session.

When you need to change the cloth, remember that it is best to leave the maintenance of your pool table in the hands of professionals so that it is perfectly installed and avoids damage. If you would like a quote to change your pool table fabric, please contact us.