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How to choose a billiard table – 1. What billiard table measure do we choose?

Are you thinking about buying a billiard and do not know where to start? Do not worry, we have prepared this small guide to help you choose, you can also contact us and our team will answer any questions you may have. Contact

1. What billiard table measure do we choose?

There are three standard sizes for pool tables

7ft – Internal measurement 2 x 1 m
8ft – Internal measurement 2.24 x1.12 m
9ft – Inside measurement 2.54 x 1.27 m

Why do we talk about interior measurement? Because to the extent of the game area or interior measurement we add the measure of the cue and it gives us the space we need. A cue usually measures between 1.4 and 1.45m, so we will add 1.5m for each side or 3m to the total.

For 7ft – we will need 5 x 4 m
For 8ft – we will need 5.24 x 4.12 m
For 9ft – we will need 5.54 x 4.27 m

You know where you want to place your pool table and you’re not sure it’s possible. Do not worry, contact us, we will solve your doubts and we will present different solutions. Contact

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