You are thinking of buying the pool table or a snooker, or and your Store. the pool table is more than a simple game, and it is also a decorative element of great value.

It must be considered before buying the pool table: or available space in an essential aspect. It is not ideal, or it will not be comfortable. In the second place, you matter that your favorite table is also decisive. It will give you another look and favor your technical and decorative performance on your table. But do not worry, not we are not just manufacturers, we are also specialized in selling bilhares for lovers and professionals, as well as decorative. Therefore, not an extensive catalog, you will find all types and sizes. At the same time, we have all the accessories you need for a perfect game, such as cleats, balls and appropriate cloths etc.

We have cheap biliaries that, despite their competitive price, are not negligent to the quality of two materials. You will also find profusion bilhars, semi-profusion pool table and lux pool tables.

Manufacturers since 1990, we have thousands of satisfied customers who browse to enjoy your favorite sport, do not realize this fabulous opportunity to be two happy owners of one of our excellent tables.