Air hockey Dynamo Firestorm


Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design make Fire Storm a showpiece in any location or FEC. A World-class revenue earner ready to replace or supplement those existing Dynamo tables.

Common components and electronics shared with other Dynamo tables makes for ease of service and fewer parts stocked.
Simple programming, PCB easily accessed through side-mount service door.
Proven long-life commercial-grade cabinet construction. A Dynamo table is an investment in quality.
LED lighting for long service life, securely mounted under the durable polycarbonate three-piece Dynamo-logo shield set.
CE Approved model available
Trap door for leg storage during transport
Adjustable game sounds, with speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment
Interactive multi-color LED lighting.
Time-tested Dyna-blast blower system for unparalleled game play action
Infrared jam-proof scoring with improved goal ends to reduce jamming and down time.
Black-lit reactive Flaming orange trim and graphics catch players’ attention!
Safe rounded top-rail design – no corner protectors needed
Impact-resistant laminate playfield – for long life and simple replacement.