Billiard Valley Cougar (from championship)

3,500.00 (VAT not included)


Dramatic 45° angled corners and legs The signature look for Valley’s classic pool tables continues with the Cougar. Each corner is triple-plated, polished and buffed chrome on top of nickle and copper plating.
Original Valley Cloth included.

  • One piece ball collector, quieter with no hang ups.
  • Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated with clear melamine layer.
  • Solid Quality Imported Slate.
  • Solid poplar hardwood cushion rails and top rails.
  • Replacable coin chute housing, breaks away without damaging cabinet, replaces easily.
  • 3/4” Seven-ply solid-core plywood cabinet.
  • Adjustable coin slot, factory set to $1 play.
  • Quick-change rubber pocket liners, removable with 2 surface-flush screws.
  • Coin counter on door for improved visibility.
  • Side-to-side and end-to-end slate support.
  • Glued and screwed slate filler.
  • Magnetic Cue Ball separator uses a cue ball the same size and weight as other balls and has no moving parts.