Foosball Roberto Sport Top Speed

1,290.00 (VAT not included)


Brand new graphics made with digitally printed laminate, unalterable over time and of great visual impact. 30 mm thick cabinet, made of poplar plywood covered with two mdf foils that make the impact surface of the ball extremely hard and uniform ensuring accuracy in the bank pulls. The iron structure of the legs is integrated into the cabinet, acting as an angular reinforcing stability, and each leg is increased in weight to make the table anchored to the floor. Top in tempered glass and sanded to have the necessary grip for the control of the ball. Newly designed banks with a low-slung plastic corner (exclusive design by Roberto Sport) and the usual reduced lists with a plastic tongue that prevents the ball from stopping but does not deflect the bank pulls. 18 with rubber springs and small feet with rounded feet for perfect control of the ball. Supplied as standard with little blue and red colors.
Height adjustable feet for perfect leveling of the play area.

111 x 70 cm

137 x 134 x 91 cm

140 x 80 x 30 cm

98 Kg