Scoring System VIA


VIA LCD Monitors

VIA Offer You 32’’ LCD Upper Monitor, Which Uses The Latest Digital Display Technology
VIA 15’’ LCD Bowler Console Functions Could Be Enabled/Disabled From The Front Desk. Each Lane Could Be Set Separately Or Using Multiple Command. It’s Possible To Set All Lanes Or A Group Of Lanes In Same Way.

Why VIA choose more costly LCD monitors ?

1. Uses less power: LCDs also produce less heat , which means less load on air conditioning.
2. Take up less space: LCD monitors are small, thin, and weigh less
3. No flickers: LCDs don’t have lines that need to be scanned like CRTs. No flickers= a lot less eye strain.
4. Less glare: Due to the material of the LCD screen less light is reflected at the user. This results in less eye strain
5. Less distortion: using a direct digital input from the graphics card produces cleaner “output”. The monitor’s perfect geometry means images aren’t distorted, which is a boon for graphic designers and the like

VIA Steltronic Focus Vision System !

Focus Vision can help you:
Manage all bowling functionalities with ease
Make reservations
Write your own customized reports
Create email marketing campaigns
Select real 3D animated themes (unique in the world)