Billiard Tango

2,375.003,375.00 (VAT not included)

Accessories included:
• 1 Balls set
• 1 Triangle (in pool)
• 4 One-Piece Cues
• 6 Chalk Pieces
• 1 Brush

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This is a magnificent billiard table with a rich brown mahogany finish. If you are looking for a beautiful pool table, this is a great possibility.

Rubber American K-66.

Leather pockets.

Rounded and ornate legs.

Certified 3 cm slate in 3 parts.

Includes cloth available in several colors. We also have other cloth options like Pro Cup Teflon anti-stains and Pro Cup Tournament, Simonis, Championship and Brunswick Centennial.

Made in 7, 8 and 9 feet, American Billiards, Carom, Snooker or Pyramid.

Options: Table Conversion Tops, Adaptation for Tennis table and Dining table. Dining Table adaptation – with the possibility to keep under the table in a special designed cart, Multi Cushion System Kit Carom to Pool / Multi Cushion System Pool to English Snooker.

Finish and color to choose by the customer.

Transport and assembly done by our certified technical teams not included

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