String Bowling VIA String



6 lenghts specification to choose: From 26,5m to 15,9m (each 2,125m to add )

2 lanes

Size: 12,7m x 2,82m x 2,66m

Power: 2100W





4 lanes

Size: 12,7m x 5,66m x 2,66m

Power: 4200W






2 lanes

Size: 26,5m x 3,58m x 3,1m

Power: 3000W

For every addicional 2 lanes

width added 3,39m

power added: 3000W


Stable bowling pin placement

Faster bowling pin : 8s

Add the lifting baffle to reduce the probability of rope winding

Better quality hanging rope: inelasticity, smooth and wear resistant




Faster Ball Return

More stable transmission

Germany imported bearings.

Self-lubricating spindle system trouble-free, low maintenance









Simple streamlined design reduce the congestion of approach area
Give players more space

Glowing panel are available


Standar touch screen

Has photo function

Coin-in or credit card can be selected.






Unique return ball H1htln1
Unique protective door for returning ball is safer and prevents players from reaching into the machine and getting injured
Maintenance Is more simple.