Billiard Table Riley Ray Competition


Full size 9′ & 8′ American Pool Table.

• Riley K55 Series Cushion Rubber.

• Modern Aluminium Trim & Engraved Brushed Steel Pocket Plates.

• American Pool tournament 1” (2.5cm) cut  3 Piece Slate.

• Ply Wood Internal Frame Construction.

• Riley Integrated Slate Levelling System.

• Tournament Drop Pockets.

• Available in satin white or satin black.

Options: Table Conversion Tops, Adaptation for Tennis table and Dinning table. Dining Table adaption – with the possibility to keep under the table in a special designed cart, Multi Cushion System Kit: Carom – Pool; Pool to English Snooker

Transport and assembly by our Certified Technicians

VAT, transport and assembly not included


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