Billiard Tango

2,375.003,025.00 (VAT not included)

Accessories included:
• 1 Balls set
• 1 Triangle (in pool)
• 4 One-Piece Cues
• 6 Chalk Pieces
• 1 Brush


This is a magnificent American Billiard table with a rich brown mahogany finish. If you are looking for a beautiful pool table, this is a great possibility.

Rubber American K-66.

Leather pockets.

Rounded and ornate legs.

Certified 3 cm slate in 3 parts.

Includes cloth available in several colors. We also have other cloth options like Pro Cup Teflon anti-stains and Pro Cup Tournament, Simonis, Championship and Brunswick Centennial.

Made in 7, 8 and 9 feet, American Billiards, Carom, Snooker or Pyramid.

Options: Table Conversion Tops, Adaptation for Tennis table and Dining table. Dining Table adaptation – with the possibility to keep under the table in a special designed cart, Multi Cushion System Kit Carom to Pool / Multi Cushion System Pool to English Snooker.

Finish and color to choose by the customer.

Transport and assembly done by our certified technical teams not included

Additional information


7ft (Playing area 2x1m), 8ft (Playing area 2,24×1,12m), 9ft (Playing area 2,54×1,27m)

Billiard Mode

Pool, Carom

Finished color

1.Maple, 2.Oak, 3.Cherry, 4.Traditional Cherry, 5.Chestnut, 6.Walnut, 7.Coffee, 8.Ebony, 9.White, 10.Black, 11.Grey

Billiard cloth color

Blue, Bordeaux, Camel, Gray, Green