Multi Cushion System Kit Pool to Carom

750.001,050.00 (VAT not included)



(From Pool to Pool)

Multi Tables system, fits any billiard table

Unique technically perfect system

The Multi Tables kit has the main advantage that it can be applied to any pool table. Quickly and simply!

Unique technically perfect system, without having to use tools or bolts to change tables from American Pool to Free Pool.

In the different games (Carambola, American Pool and Snooker) we respect the technical characteristics of each of them, maintaining the respective height of the tables.
In this way, we allow the balls to be used in their different sizes, obtaining the desired reactions when they come into contact with the already mentioned tables, thus avoiding the natural projection of balls out of the table, which inevitably happens if the different heights are not respected.

The excellence of diversity at your disposal.
By placing this system, your Pool table will be able to receive Free Pool without any loss in the dimensions of the playing area as well as the quality of the pool.

Simple! Easy! Fast!

  • Multi Pool Table Kit (From Pool to Pool)
  • Multi Snooker English Pool Table (From Pool to Snooker)
  • Check price for other measures

Watch the video here

*Registered and Patented System

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7ft, 8ft, 9ft


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