Multi Cushion System Kit

750.00 (VAT not included)


Multi Cushion System

Unique system technically perfect

The Multi Cushion System Kit ‘s main feature is the fact that it can be applied to any pool table.
Quickly and easily!

The only technically perfect system, wich allows to change from american pool to carom cushions without using any tool or screw .

In the different games ( Carrom , American Pool and Snooker ) we respect the technical characteristics of each one ,regarding to the table cushions height.This way , we allow the use of different balls with proper sizes , obtaining the desired reactions when they come into contact with the aforementioned cushions , thus preventing the natural projection of balls off the table , which inevitably occurs if different heights are not observed.

A very simple process to implement, therefore effective.

When you insert this new Cushion System, the pockets are sealed and Pool is ready for Carom play without loss of play area dimension as well as of its game quality.

  • Cushion Kit for Carom (Pool to Carom)
    750 ,00 €
  • Cushion Kit for English Snooker (Pool to English Snooker)
    750 ,00 €

*Patented and Registered System


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