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InfoBillard is the most complete billiard software. Very well established in Quebec in billiard rooms, pool lounges and golf simulator centers, it can also be used in the management of snooker games, darts, poker, kyo, soccer, air-hockey and others.
InfoBillard allows you to manage all the activities of members and non-members related to games rentals. With InfoBillard you can maximize your initial investment and stay one step ahead of your competitors.



To win!


Software for the management of billiard rooms and lounges, game console and amusement center




InfoBillard is the most complete billing management software for billiards and pool / billiard halls, golf simulators, video game consoles, arcade, amusement center, snooker, darts, poker, kyo, soccer, air hockey or others. Manage all activities of members and non-members.



Infobillard allows a multitude of configurations related to your mode of operation. Promotions, bonuses, taxes, pricing, acceleration of billing and payments, are just some of the features, among many, that you can set.



InfoBillard works under all Windows versions, from Windows XP to Windwos 10, and is developed from the latest technologies. We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions that are scalable and tailored to your needs to meet your most complex demands.


 The growth of your business is within reach.

InfoBillard is the ideal solution to replace DOS MEMOSYS software.


Easy to install and easy to use

Our goal is to satisfy all your needs to facilitate your work, carrying out the implementation, configuration and training of your staff.
With InfoBillard you will increase your productivity and profitability without needing more personnel.
In addition, you can: manage your income well; reduce errors; Avoid theft and fraud and thus control all your profits.

They already use Infobillards on their premises:

InfoBillard allows a multitude of configurations related to your mode of operation.


A solution created for you, InfoBillard allows an infinite number of configurations related to your rules.
Among the large number of resources that can be configured are: promotions, bonuses, prices, taxes, collection and acceleration of payments, etc.

More efficiency and flexibility in your daily operations.
With InfoBillard, the efficiency and speed of your interventions will increase considerably.

The flexibility of the application will allow you to satisfy all the needs of the client and maximize your relationship with the customer and your income.