Specialists in luxury billiards

A luxury pool table should be considered as a unique item in itself, not forgetting that it must cohabit with other elements as part of a composition to create a dream atmosphere. Our pool tables have a place in interior design in all styles: classic, modern, rustic, Nordic, retro, traditional …

Our billiards are the result of long experience and a great passion for billiards, we have wonderful pool tables, uniquely designed, personalized and designed to meet even the professional needs of expert players.

The luxury pool tables that The worldbilliards manufactures and distributes are unique because they are made with exceptional raw material of superior quality, many still retain artisanal manufacturing and production methods that provide unbeatable finishes.

Our exclusive pool tables are authentic works of art, capable of creating unique, distinguished and glamorous atmospheres, completely personalized. Our billiards maintain the perfect balance between classic and new, tradition and innovation, with elegance and sophistication. They are designed to go unnoticed to avoid any look.

Visit our luxury pool tables and let yourself be seduced