White marks on the pool table. What are they?


Many owners of billiards tables are often surprised when they see white spots appear on the billiard cloth. They think it’s the defect or the poor quality of the fabric, even if it’s about brands like, Simonis or Brunswick. From the first games, you will notice that some small, usually white, marks appear on the billiard cloth. Do not worry, it’s normal, it’s about micro-burns or ball burns. These micro-ball burns are actually marks that remain on the fabric as a result of the degradation of the surface of the ball. When hitting the white ball accelerates from 0 to more than 30 km / h in just a fraction of a second. The resulting friction temperature between the ball and the cloth can easily reach 250 ° C

To reduce the appearance of micro-burns, cloth and the balls must be clean. Any residue will leave marks on the cloth. A simple maintenance will prolong the life of your billiard cloth. You will only need a brush and a billiard ball cleaner.

Do you want to Know how to clean our pool table?

A cloth with a high wool content (such as Brunswick or Simonis) helps reduce the appearance of these brands.

Phenolic billiard balls (such as Aramith) are more resistant to heat and wear at high temperatures than polyester balls, which also helps reduce the appearance of ball burns.

And when you need to change the cloth of your pool table remember that it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals to be perfectly installed and prevent damage to the pool table. If you want a quote to change the cloth of your pool table, contact us.