Who we are

Manufacturing since 1990 with the highest standards of quality and according to the standards regulated worldwide, the World Billiards brand, for us commercialized is increasingly a reality in the national and international market in the area of pool, Snooker and Carom.

With raw materials selected in the best origins, we have achieved high quality levels in the final product, which allow us, in the image of what is practiced by our brands represented, Brunswick Billiards, Valley, Tornado, Via Bowling, Roberto Sport and Garlando etc.

Dedicated to the commercial aspect, Valley, a brand that already dispenses any type of presentation, such recognition at the global level of its quality and durability over the more than 50 years of existence, and when we speak of robustness/quality, We’re definitely talking about a Valley table. At this time, and with the growth and enrichment of our market knowledge as well as all the human and technological means we have, we also have our Bowling division, a division that has as its main objective to make the dream of some in a Reality. It is in fact in this division that we give progress to his project for the construction of a family leisure center, built and conceived based on the knowledge and experience of the most competent and certified professionals for this purpose. The distribution/representation of the brand Via Bowling, without any kind of doubt that came to us still bring greater expression and responsibility in the leisure market as well as competition.

It is in this aspect of the competition, in many cases speaking we already of professionalism in practitioners, we have also tried to assist and support the realization of events and competitions of national and international level. Also in this strand we support the realization of events such as the ITSF World Cup Table Soccer “held annually in Nantes – France” with the placement at the disposal of 20 tables Tornado competition, international Open’s considerable wingspan which we support With the installation of billiard tables thus enabling the best conditions for the practice of billiard pool, regular competition of billiards pool with the assembly of the final stages of qualification for the International Championship Vnea, held Annually in Las Vegas, NV, allowing credible national organizations access to it, through our international licence Vnea (Charter Holder), as well as the realization of local and regional competitions that aim at the development Of the modality in a serious and credible manner.